Benvenuti a Verrix Microassets!

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Chi siete voi?

Siamo una collectiva artistica, specializandoci in attività diverse, inclusive di

  • modificazione di videogiochi;
  • disegno grafico; e
  • redazione di documentazione.

If you are an aspiring game producer, or highly dissatisfied with your actual experiences with your games, then this site is for you. Here on WordPress, our work is showcased and catalogued to make it available for ease of searching and downloading as royalty-free 3d graphics downloads which you can use either in a v1.0 computer game, or as the ingredients for a gaming mod.

How do I use your site?

If you are looking for copy editing services, click the link “Our services” and/opr “Copy editing” for more informations.

If you are looking for free 3d assets to use in games, click the links under “our models” to view the materials that we currently have avasilable to download.

our 3d assets are filed on the basis of theme and category – see the sidebar, or scroll down to see our most popular designs.

Can I use your graphics in my own projects?

Our graphics are available for private use, but shouyld you choose to use them (or a part thereof) in a stand-alone video game or a modification thereof with intent of releasing it to the public, you are required to contact us for permission.

Some of our content is also available on a pay per use basis at  _____. In general, the following items below need to be paid for prior to use:

  • animation packs
  • models of 2,000 polys in size or more.

Any attempt to redistribute materials from this site outside of Verrix Microassets as stand-alone assets, or “as they are” without integration in any form or method in any media-related project is strongly forbidden.

What formats are your models in?

Currently, we offer game modding materials in the following formats:

  • BH3 and BHA
  • FBX, primarily for use in Unity

We have plans to eventually cover the following:

  • DAE, for use in Unity and Spring
  • G3S

For more information, please consult the link “Supported formats” in the sidebar on the right side of this page.

I LIKE YOUR WORK! can I make a donation to you?

If you have been using our free models and services, why not make a donation to us? you can do so, either by way of

  • Patreon
  • Paypal

Projects featuring our materials


Nostra portafoglio

A small sample of our portfolio here:


MiG-17 Gotha G.III Heavy Bomber

Veicoli e macchine


Navi ed altri mezzi d’acqua

gotha gotha

Why “Verrix”?

In Gallic, Verrix meant “High King” (with ‘rix” meaning king). This name was chosen in order to honour my mother and her younger sister whose surnames happen to have the same meaning as “rix”.

Questions? comments? brickbats? write in to We’re always eager to hear what you have to say!

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